What is the IGF (Internet Governance Forum)?

TNW is one of the best information source, to my opinion, but on this one, and for such a topic, it seems like something got lost in the way. Probably a hard topic to be summarised in 5.28 min…

According to this video, the IGF is:

  • mainly populated by british people
  • essential, as it will keep the internet as it is today
  • unknown by most people, while still supposed to enable everyone to have a say there
  • should prevent the Internet to be run by governments, which is why you can meet there so many MPs and ministers
  • is a place where you can meet children explaining why you should have more funny cat videos for the 24 percent of people who do not have enough education to read what is on the Internet

While I might have exaggerated slightly, I wanted to outline one point: this video does not address essential questions, when you speak about such a topic. By essential questions, understand: what is the real impact of this forum, what decisions have been taken as a consequence of such a forum?

Everyone can speak at the IGF - great - but, really, what is the actual importance of these people (I mean, the kids knew their text well, but who listen to them?) and who decide in the end ?

Ok, Kate, next time you go to the IGF, maybe you could get us, the multi-stakeholders crowd, an answer to these questions, could you?

(PS: And also, if you find out why they hold this event in the middle of Africa? They just want to make sure no one can actually come, or what?)

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